Statement from Area Director Pat Corcoran:

Welcome to the Boulder Valley Umpire Association! We equip people like you with the training and certification needed to officiate high school baseball in the state of Colorado, specifically in the Boulder and Longmont areas. Our dedicated officials take great pride in professionally officiating high school baseball games at every level and we would love to help you join our ranks.

Colorado is desperate to recruit more officials. Many lower level games are going with one or no officials at all. We need people like you to join our ranks and officiate the great game of baseball this season. No experience is required. We provide a complete training program and will help you obtain a full schedule of games.

Our training starts in January with a review of the rule book and teaching field mechanics. We will have you ready to work games when the season begins in March. Regardless of the time of year, we are ready to help you get involved and learn to be a great umpire!

Officiating baseball is a great way to provide a needed service to our students who love to play the game while also earning a little extra money. Please email or call me today to get started.


Pat Corcoran
Area Director, CHSAA Area 10
(720) 626-7464
Chris Gardner
Assistant Area Director, CHSAA Area 10

How do I start Umpiring High School Baseball?

  • Contact Area Director Pat Corcoran via email
  • Attend training sessions and field clinics (check schedule)
  • Get gear and uniform
  • Submit availability
  • Play Ball!